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Morphology Of Ocean Floor

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Communiquerenligne - Morphology of ocean floor and plate tectonics. Keywords: morphology of sea floor, continental margins, mid ocean ridges, deep sea floors, ocean trenches, seamount chains, fracture zones, rift valleys, continental drift, sea floor spreading, plate tectonics, origin of sea floor contents 1 introduction 2 principal provinces of sea floor 3. Morphology of ocean floor slideshare. Morphology of ocean floor slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising if you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Ocean morphology cchs geography revision. Ocean morphology 1 the composition of the ocean floor to understand the morphology of the ocean floor, you need to under the geology and how the shapes have formed an abyssal plain is an underwater plain on the deep ocean floor, usually found at depths between 3,000 metres 9,800 ft and 6,000 metres 20,000 ft. Seafloor morphology uprm. Shows the surface morphology of the planet the shape of the seafloor is dominated by tectonic deep sea trenches are long, narrow depressions in the ocean floor with depths greater than 6000 meters and they can reach 11,000 meters in depth trenches are found adjacent to land areas and associated with island. Morphology of ocean floor the ocean floor interior. Morphology of ocean floor the ocean floor uploaded by on tuesday, may 29th, 2018 in category floor see also currents disturb methane eating bacteria the ocean floor from floor topic here we have another image cleaning the ocean floor the ocean floor featured under morphology of ocean floor the ocean floor. 1 introduction to oceans. Describe the main features of oceanic crust and ocean floor morphology explain the occurrence of oceanic volcanic features, trenches, transform faults, mid ocean ridges and rifts in terms of plate margins describe the horizontal and vertical spatial variations in the temperature and salinity of ocean water. Ocean floor features ppt review home co. 3 ocean floor features land continental shelf passive margin active slope rise abyssal plain oceanic trench 7 morphology of ocean floor 3 label the ocean floor k j g e c b d h i f a l ocean floor brainpop pics of : ocean floor features ppt. Sea floor morphology slideshare. Sea floor morphology 1 sea floor morphology submarine canyons 2 sea floor morphology submarine canyons 3 sea floor morphology submarine canyons mosher, et al , 2004 4 sea floor morphology the continental rise 5 sea floor morphology the abyssal plain 6 sea floor morphology pelagic sedimentation 7. Sea morphology and mit. Sea morphology: the branch of geology that studies the characteristics and configuration and evolution of rocks and land forms sea morphology the buoy would sit on the ocean floor and here it would measure the changes in depth and pressure in the water 2. Major and minor ocean relief features pmf ias. Deep sea planes are gently sloping areas of the ocean basins these are the flattest and smoothest regions of the world because of terrigenous [denoting marine sediment eroded from the land] and shallow water sediments that buries the irregular topography it covers nearly 40% of the ocean floor the depths vary between 3,000 and 6,000 m.

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Morphology Of Ocean Floor

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